Friday, January 27, 2012

My Publix Shopping Trip

$10 off gas cards again this week at Publix! I try to get at least 2 transactions when that comes around and bc of time this week I did 2. I wanted to go back to get more Soy milk to use all of my coupons but I ran out of time and space to put it :) .  
Again I do not budget for gas bc I seem to never get the prices right the way they go up and down so I take the $10 (this time $20) right off the top of my grocery budget.

(6) Silk Soy 2/$5
6 - $.75c/1 Coupon

(2) International Delight 2/$5
2-$1/1 Coupon

(2) Welchs Fruit Snacks 2/$4 (I wanted 1 I dont know how 2 got into the cart LOL)
1- $1/2 Publix Coupon
1 - $.50c/1 Coupon

(2) Hellmans Mayo BOGO $5.29
No Coupons

(2) Pomp Oil BOGO $5.99
2 - $1/1 Coupon

(2) AJ Pancake Mix BOGO $2.59
1 - $1/2 Coupon

(4) Chex Mix BOGO $2.59
2 - $.50c/2 Coupon

(2) Super Pretzels BOGO $3.19
2  - $.35c/1 Coupon

(2) Cruchmaster Crackers BOGO $3.19
1 - $1/1 Publix Coupon
1 - $1/1 Coupon
1 - $.75c/1 Coupon

(2) Publix Cheese $1.99
No Coupon

(2) Heb National 2/$6
2 - $1/1 Coupon

(4) Pills French Loaf $1.99
1 - $.50c/2 Coupon 
1 - $.40c/2 Coupon

(1) Publix Bacon 3/$10
No Coupon

(3) Ground Chuck $12.00
No Coupons

Total Spent - $46.45 (Without 2 $50 Gas Cards)

Saved - $87.98 or 66%


  1. do you shop at publix in FL because mine has been giving me issues about using more then one coupon i live in north central FL so just wanted to ask if there are diferent coupon rules per state

    1. Becca here is the link to the coupon policy HERE I am guessing you mean when a coupon states 1 per purchase like in the green or yellow fliers. I no longer coupon or live in FL, but when we did (Oct and before) my store would only allow 1 coupon when it says on the coupon 1 per purchase. Just call customer service and have them clarify the policy to find where the confusion is.

    2. i have talked to costumer service and they tell me i can only use coupon on the item i purchase not the free item and i can't pair a store coupon with a manfcaturer. so some of the great deals i read about on coupon sited don't work for me i tried shopping at our locate winn-dixie but they don't keep it clean so i hate going in there and food lion and albertson in my neighbor are now closed for bussiness so publix is my only option. anyways thanks for the help. can't wait to see more deals. oh and can you tell a good site to get coupons for places like mcdonalds or any restraunts for our weekly treat as a family. thanks again

  2. I am in South FL and have never had a problem at my Publix. Did you try speaking with a manager? I know different cashiers have their own "rules"